It started with a kiss to my left big toe

Sucking, slowly, sweetly

Little kisses to my ankle

I can feel your breathing in my inner legs

Going up my legs, with your trail of kisses

Your hands on my thighs, softly touching my inner thighs

Smelling my pubic hair, playing it with your fingers

Invading my belly button,

Our eyes locked to each other as you move on to my chest.


Your hands around my breasts are a feast for my inner self

Generating a sensual melody out of my whole body

Like a virtuoso with his piano

Your trail of kisses continuously goes up to my neck

I shiver, overwhelmed by desire when feeling your breathing on my nape

I feel your hands on my shoulders, playful with my inner arms

Kisses on my elbows

Searching for my beauty spots and tenderly kissing them

Swiftly touching my hands, sucking my fingers

Our eyes never lost contact.


As you move up to my face with sweet kisses along the way, I am hyperventilating

Bites on my ears, kisses on my eyebrows

Soft little kisses on my eyes

Rubbing your nose to mine

And at last our lips met

As I hung for your kiss, you fill me with yours

Our passion is ready to explode

But at last, I draw back and push you down

It’s time for my own exploration…

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