Vie Interieure


Today is the day to embrace yourself, to pick yourself up no matter how deep you feel the struggles of life have put you down. These struggles are the steps on which life has carried you to this point of y our path.

Today has come the time to accept your flaws, these stretch marks, those creases around your eyes, the lines on your forehead, theses marks from a past surgery. They are a part of who you are and of your history.

Today is the moment to leave behind all those negative thoughts, the dark hours doubts, the fear holding you back, the worry about others opinions on you. Do not mind people thoughts as they are not living in your shoes and do not share your journey.

Today, let the Goddess in you be in charge, let your inner child express the love within. Let your voice be heard above the crowd and may your silence be louder than the noise around.

For you are enough, for you, for your dreams. You are enough with your strengths and your weaknesses. You are enough through your successes and your failures. You are enough with your faith and your doubts, your hope and your despair. They are all part of you and You are enough…

Par Lady Gabe

I am an administrative professional with a Bachelor in French Modern Literature. Writing is a means to keep my sanity and expressing my thoughts. I write in different languages. Any that can fit my needs. To me, words are powerful, they are bridges, linking our emotions to our surroundings...

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