Love path (1)

Be patient,


Step by step…

If you must, take a step backward and breathe.

Don’t rush, there is no need to…

Put on your knees and ask for His Guidance.

Don’t let the emotions or your senses overflow you with your needs.

You have your needs but you also know what you don’t want to get into.


When you catch your breath,

When you get the right signal,

When you know if it’s worth it,

Walk the path, one step at a time.

Holding two hands,

His and his.

Par Lady Gabe

I am an administrative professional with a Bachelor in French Modern Literature. Writing is a means to keep my sanity and expressing my thoughts. I write in different languages. Any that can fit my needs. To me, words are powerful, they are bridges, linking our emotions to our surroundings...

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