The year end is reminiscing period for me. It is a time where I think about the whole year and decide on what I would focus on during the coming year. It’s an exercise that started as a game with some friends but it became part of my internal reflection for that particular period of the year.

6 years ago, with some friends, we decided to make our December memorable. We scheduled different gatherings including some birthday parties in order to have fun throughout the month. During one of those events, one of us suggested that we write ourselves letters for the following year, listing our plans, key objectives that we wanted to achieve for the coming year. I found the idea very interesting. I used to think about what I want to do but never took the time to put it down on paper this way. I later found it very effective to have a wish list or key objectives written down that I can revisit at the end of the following year to make some self-evaluation. I started to practice this activity on a regular basis, but I also decided to have a central theme, idea, aspect that would be my main driver during the year.

I believe that everything in life happen for a reason but also happen at the right moment, when we are ready for them. This is exactly what happened for those years. Anytime I decided on a particular topic or focus for a year, I ended up experimenting situations that were vivid examples of this topic or showing me a part of myself that I wasn’t aware about.

This section will compile a reflection on those instants that made each year so unique. They were made of memories linked to each other, but all wrapped around a main idea that was guiding me throughout that time span. It’s a very rewarding exercise that I plan to continue for a lifetime.

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